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Children’s Director:

Jennifer Vincent
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday  8:00am – 2:00pm
Church Office: 587-2689
Email:  fumc_children@citlink.net

A place to belong …
Children, birth through 5th grade, participate in learning and fun through the classes and programs made especially for them!

How can children serve the church?

Children have a wonderful opportunity to serve their church by being an Acolyte for Late Service or a Children’s Greeter for Early Service.

Children’s Chat – A newsletter just for kids!
This special newsletter is sent directly to the children about four times a year.
It’s the inside scoop to what’s going on and coming up for them at FUMC!

Prayer Magnet Ministry
Every child birth through 12th grade is prayed for by a church member everyday!
Each year the Sunday before school starts, members of our church draw a prayer magnet and commit to pray for that child everyday for the next year.

click here for our Children’s Ministry Brochure (PDF)


Church Calendar

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Click here for the full calendar

Contact Info:

225 Main St., Martin, TN 38237
731.587.2689 phone
731.587.1943 fax