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We have many educational programs available for the entire family, from young to young at heart! Read about our programs below.

Adult Bible Study- Meeting in the Pastor’s Study, the Adult Bible Study is a smaller group that is perfect for those who enjoy more intimate, conversational learning atmosphere.  Members of this class use the Adult Bible Study Curriculum.

B.A.S.I.C.S Class – This class led by Keith & Angie Cursey and Chris & Jenise Butler is geared toward being “Brothers and Sisters in Christ’s Service” through study, mission, and fellowship!  This warm friendly class is made up of a variety of people from all walks of life who yearn to grow closer to Christ and strengthen their relationship in their church family.  The B.A.S.I.C.S meets on the second floor of the Fellowship Hall.

Bob Carroll Class- This class of Senior Adults meets in the Chapel and is led by Mr. Bob Carroll.  Members of the class use the Adult Bible Study Curriculum and are invited to use a Daily Bible Study as well.   This class especially appeals to anyone who enjoys a lecture format of learning.

The Breakfast Club– “The Breakfast Club” Sunday school class provides a bible based curriculum with studies that change on a monthly basis, at the request of the members of the class.  The group is comprised of adults in their late 20’s to early 40’s, with most all members having children.   We explore all aspects of the bible, and how they intersect into our individual, family, and professional lives.  The goal of the class is to foster a working knowledge of Christ’s teachings, and how to apply them to better ourselves for his glory.  As an added bonus, breakfast is served most Sunday’s!

Carl Seale Class– The Carl Seale Class was named in memory of Carl Seale who first taught and founded this class. Members are usually 40 years old and over, but the class is diverse and all adults are welcome.   The class is presently made up of couples as well as individual men and women.  The material taught is from the International Methodist Adult Sunday School book.  Teachers are comprised of about 5 members who rotate.  The lesson is led by one of these teachers each Sunday and class discussion and participation is encouraged.

College and Career- A class especially for college aged individuals that is oriented around small group study and application to our everyday Christian lives.  This group offers the most contemporary studies and often engages in video based curriculum such as Rob Bell’s NOOMA study.  Breakfast is served every Sunday morning.  The College group also enjoys Sunday evening fellowships on occasion.  Any college student who would like to attend but does not have a ride is welcome to call the church office (587-2689)and request the church van to pick them up in time for Sunday School.

The Growing Circle- The Growing Circle is a diversified group of adults that enjoys a discussion format.  The group studies a variety of resources that is decided upon by the group as they go along.  Likewise, the members teach on a rotation.  Just as the name implies, this is a group that loves to grow and will always have a seat open for you!

Hindsight Class- The Hindsight Class offers a discussion forum for adults who study contemporary Christian authors and church literature on topics of interest to the class.  In addition to Sunday classes, the Hindsight groups enjoy fellowshipping with one another.

Promised Land Class-  Under the leadership of the pastor and class members, the Promised Land studies the scriptures of the Lectionary, which is the center of our weekly worship service.

S.T.A.R.T.E.R. Class- This diverse group of adults enjoys Bible Study with a practical application to life.  They boast lively discussion of their subject matter.  They would love to welcome you to join them this Sunday morning!

At the Table-A new class focusing on Scriptures led by Norma and Frank Holbrook and Vicki Smith meets at the White House. The participants will examine how the Bible provides instruction and guidance for us as part of the family of God.


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